Individual tours of Moscow in Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Greek, Finnish and other languages.


When planning a visit to a new country or city, many tourists and travelers think about how best to organize a trip to see as many sights as possible and feel the atmosphere of the visited place.

And regardless of the time of year when, you plan to come, we offer you a great option - bus tours in Moscow for foreigners.

 Going on such an excursion on a comfortable transport, you will not only be able to quickly move around the city from one attraction to another, accompanied by experienced guides, but also to see the maximum number of the best views of the capital.

 Especially relevant bus excursions for foreigners, which  are limited by the time of stay in the city.

We bring to your attention bus excursions in Moscow in English. From which country you come from, one of the most common international languages will help you to get maximum information about the history, architecture and traditions of the Russian capital.

 Excursions by bus in English for foreigners are a great combination of a sightseeing tour, comfort regardless of the weather outside and a large amount of new impressions and emotions.

 Going on a tour of Moscow, you will not only see the modern city, its historical center, but during the stops you will be able to take photos against the background of famous Moscow sights.

 Bus trips in English in Moscow for foreigners are a very popular destination, as it allows you to see in a short time what you will need much more time for independent travel. Our guides know how to make your visit memorable for many years and are always happy to share knowledge and unexpected information about the capital of Russia.


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