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Excursion to Tsaritsyno

Tsaritsyno is one of the most extraordinary Moscow estates. This is the only such large-scale ensemble in Russia built in neo- or pseudo-gothic style. The appearance of Tsaritsyno began to take shape in the mid-seventies of the 18th century, when the village of Black Dirt was bought by Empress Catherine II from S. Kantemir. Replacing the unattractive name of Black Dirt on Tsaritsyno, she wished to arrange her own suburban residence near Moscow. The famous architect Bazhenov got a comission to built a complex.

Something went wrong. The palaces, designed by Bazhenov, Catherine ordered to dismantle. The construction of the new ensemble was assigned to Kazakov. Alas, over time, the construction of Kazakov turned into romantic ruins. Since the mid-1980s, the scientific restoration of Tsaritsyno objects was carried out. In 2007, on the day of the city of Moscow, one of the most significant events in the cultural life of the capital took place - the palace and exhibition complex of the Tsaritsyno museum-preserve, revived from the ruins, was solemnly opened and received its first visitors.

The duration of the excursion to Tsaritsyno is 1.5 hours (an additional 30 min. - 500 rubles). During the excursion you will see the panorama of the Tsaritsyno ensemble, walk along the Figured and Big Bridge, see the Cavalier Corps, Church of the Holy Virgin Life-Giving Source, Small Palace, Middle Palace (Opera House), Bread House, visit the Grand Palace.

Excursion to Tsaritsyno, including the Grand Palace. The day off is Monday.
Duration of the tour 2 hours 2 hours  
Number of people 1-5 people 6-20 people  
The cost of the tour 6 000 rubles 6 600 rubles  
Guide ticket 350 rubles 350 rubles  
Adult ticket 700 rubles  
700 rubles     
Ticket for students and pensioners 700 rubles    700 rubles     
Ticket for child/school student (under 16) 100 rubles    100 rubles     


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