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Tour of the Diamond Fund

Diamond Fund is one of the richest museums in Russia. The diamond fund is a state collection of unique gems and jewelery. The diamond fund also has unique samples of gold and rare metal - platinum. The prehistory of the Diamond Fund, as a state assembly, dates back to the era of Peter the Great, who in 1710 issued a decree "On things subject to the state." These things were kept in the Diamond Room in a large chest with three locks and were given out for the time of the ruling persons only on special days of celebration. The exhibition of the Diamond Fund of Russia occupies two exhibition halls and opens with windows of domestic precious and semiprecious stones, as well as natural diamonds, jewelry and technical. Thousands of carats of diamonds are in them. The permanent exhibition of the Diamond Fund has been open in the Moscow Kremlin since 1967.

   The exposition does not feature the entire Diamond Fund, but only the best part of it. In the first hall of the Diamond Fund you will see modern jewelry, gold and platinum nuggets. In the second hall of the exposition there is the historical part of the Diamond Fund: unique gems known as the "Seven Historical Gems" or the "Seven Wonders of the Diamond Fund", which include: the Orlov diamond, the Shah diamond, a flat portrait diamond, an olive green chrysolite, huge Colombian emerald, magnificent Ceylon sapphire, imperial regalia, ancient orders, the best samples of jewelry from the 18th and 19th centuries. The duration of the tour in the Diamond Fund is 40 minutes. On an excursion in the Diamond Fund of the Moscow Kremlin, you will see jewels that fully reflect the character and diversity of this rare collection, especially remarkable in historical, artistic and mineralogical terms.

Excursion to the Diamond Fund in Russian / foreign language. Day off is Thursday.
Duration of the tour 50 minutes 50 minutes  
Number of people 1-5 чел 6-20 чел  
The cost of the tour 5 000/7 000 rubles 5 000/7 000 rubles  
Guide ticket      
Adult ticket 10 000 rubles на всю группу 10000 rub. / 10000 rubles group (1-5) + 500 rubles every next ticket  
Ticket for students and pensioners      
Ticket for child/school student (under 16)      


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