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Tour of the Kremlin

The Kremlin is a historical part of the city, the former fortress.It protected the population from enemies raids. From here, from the Kremlin, located on Borovitsky Hill, the history of Moscow began. The word "Kremlin" came from time immemorial. It is associated with the concept of chopped wooden fortress. The place on which the Moscow Kremlin stands was very convenient: the high hill was above the confluence of the two rivers, Neglinnaya and the Moskva - river and had a configuration comfortable  for everyday life and defense. The founder of  Moscow is Yuri Dolgruki. The date of the cities foundation is 1147,when Yuri Dolgoruky received his friend and ally Svyatoslav Olgovich  to a feast in Moscow: "Come to me brother, in Moscow". Already in 1156, on the order of Yury Dolgoruky, the first fortress walls were built here.

The Kremlin was built as a city and developed as a city, the new buildings replace the old ones.At the end of the 15th century, Moscow became the capital of all Russian lands and Ivan the Third decided to turn the Kremlin into a magnificent residence of the Grand Prince. Then the walls and towers of the Kremlin were constructed, which are still preserved. Today, heads of foreign states are invited to the Kremlin, ambassadors present their credentials here, state contracts are signed  in the Great Kremlin Palace, and the working office of the Russian president is in the Kremlin. Show-business stars perform on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace, businessmen and politicians organize their  forums and seminars in the Kremlin. The duration of the Kremlin tour is 1.5 hours (an additional 30 minutes - 500 rubles). On a tour of the Moscow Kremlin, you will see the Kremlin Cathedrals: Assumption, Archangel, Annunciation, the Church of the Depostion of the robe of the Holy Virgin, the ensemble of Ivan the Great Bell Tower, palaces:  the Patriarchal, State Kremlin and the Great Kremlin, examples of classicism: the Senate and Arsenal buildings, the world famous Tsar Bell and the Tsar Cannon (all outside). The tour includes a visit to one of the cathedrals.

Excursion to the Kremlin and cathedrals/ Day off is Thursday.
Duration of the tour 1,5 hours    
Number of people 1-25 people    
The cost of the tour 6 000 rubles    
Guide ticket 1 000 rubles    
Adult ticket 1 000 rubles    
Ticket for students and pensioners 1 000 rubles    
Ticket for child/school student (under 16) 1 000 rubles    


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