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Tour of the Moscow metro

The daily life of a big city is difficult to imagine without the work of the metro. The word metro or metropolitan came into Russian either from the English name of the London underground railway was  built by the firm 'Metropolitan' in 1863or as borrowing from the French, which means 'capital'.

There were plans for construction of a Moscow underground railway before the October revolution of 1917. The trams could not cope with the volume of passengers in Moscow's expanding population. The first project for construction of a metro was discussed in 1902 by the City Council,but it was rejected.Especially the clergy was against it. Only God is aware, what is happening under the ground, and a human being mustn't know about it.

Excursion to the Moscow metro - an exciting journey through the capital under the capital. The first line of the Moscow metro "Sokolnicheskaya" with thirteen stations was opened in May 1935 and in this period the metro became a real kingdom of the socialist system. Subsequently, the Moscow Metro and the Moscow Metro stations  continued to develop, some of them were merged, forming the Circle Line.

The stations of the Moscow metro are striking in their style, mosaics, stucco, sculpture, architecture and other types of decor, giving them a unique flavor.In addition, the subway tells about the most important events of Soviet history, the bronze and granite statues remind us of the heroism of the people and the  past not only of the capital, but of the whole country.

 During the tour of the Moscow metro stations you have a unique opportunity to see the most beautiful places of the metro. The station “Revolutition  Square”  is designed with a great symbolism. 76 bronze sculptures are placed, telling about people - fighters for a new socialist future.

Just a few minutes through the tunnel, and you can see the Soviet Ukraine or Belarus at the Kievskaya and Belorusskaya metro stations.

During the excursion in the subway you will see one of the most beautiful  stations - Novoslobodskaya, and the most luxurious Komsomolskaya station .The mosaics on the ceiling depict military victories of the Russian people. No one will be left indifferent by the completely unique panels on the ceiling of the Mayakovskaya metro station - “A Day of the Country of Socialism”.

Excursion on the Moscow metro.
Duration of the tour 1,5 hours 1,5 hours  
Number of people 1-5 people 6-20 people  
The cost of the tour 6 000 rubles 6 600 rubles  
Guide ticket 55 rubles 55 rubles  
Adult ticket 55 rubles 55 rubles  
Ticket for students and pensioners 55 rubles 55 rubles  
Ticket for child/school student (under 16) 55 rubles 55 rubles  


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