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Tour of the State Armory Chamber

The State Armoury Chamber is the oldest museum in our country, the only museum is the treasury. The largest collection of Russian and foreign applied arts of the 5th and 19th centuries is kept in the Armoury Chamber. At the heart of the museum collection is the grand duke's treasury, which began to form in the Kremlin from the 14th century. Up to the 18th century, the treasury was replenished with works of the Kremlin workshops: Silver, Gold, and Stable Orders, the largest of which was the Armory. the name "Armoury" was transferred to the palace museum, which opened in the early 19th century. The modern exposition of the Armory is represented in a building specially built for the museum by the project of architect Konstantin Ton in 1851.

The Armoury has 2 floors, 9 halls. On the 1st floor are the coronation gowns of empresses, clothes of nobility and clothing of higher clergy, regalia of the Russian state: the throne, crowns, scepters, powers, horse harness and carriage collection, one of the best in the world. On the second floor of the Armoury, works of Russian goldsmiths from the 12th to the 19th century, weapons and weapons, Russian and foreign, ambassadorial gifts. The State Armoury is a kind of encyclopedia of Russian art and Russian history. The duration of the excursion to the Armory Chamber is 1.5 hours. On the excursion to the Moscow Kremlin's Armoury Chamber, you will be able to see the most ancient state regalia, royal royal clothes, vestments of the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, a collection of ambassadorial gifts and unique works of decorative and applied arts of the Kremlin masters, including famous Faberge eggs. 


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