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Walking tour of Moscow


In ancient times, the whole area from Ostozhenka to the Moskva-river was occupied by  meadows, on which the horses of the great princes grazed, haystacks of hay stood; for them the whole area was called “Ostozhie”. A few noble families livad here, but the area was settled mainly by small traders, craftsmen. The aristocracy did not regard the area with its favour.In spring the trrritory was flooded. The    aristocracy began to settle here only in the 18 cehtury and in the first years after the war with Napoleon. There is an ensemble in Ostozhenka, which includes three houses in the Art Nouvea style, and there is one wonderful pearl there, one of the best Moscow mansions (house number 21). Officially, the house belonged to the wife of architect Lev Kekushev. An architect, he was fashionable, well earned, and built a lot of  mansions in Moscow. The building was erected in a completely romantic spirit, reminiscent of a medieval castle.


A tour of Zamoskvorechye can be started from the Novokuznetskaya metro station, next to which is the Adam and Eve fountain. In Kadashevskaya Lane one can admire a magnifisent church in the style of baroc -  the Church of the Resurrection in Kadashi. On Ordynka approach the temple of the Joy of All Who Sorrow. Inside the temple extraordinary wealth. Against the church is the house of Zhemochkin, an old manor’s mansion. On the left side of the temple of St. Nicholas, in Pyzhi. Further, on the same side of Ordynka, there is an interesting pink church of the Iberian Mother of God, on the opposite side is the Marfo-Mariinsky Cloisters. In Klimentovsky Lane - the majestic Church of Clement, Pope of Rome. In the Church of St. Nicholas in Tolmachy  ( it takes its name from the settlement Tolmachy - intepreters) there is an icon “The Virgin of Vladimir” —the main shrine and patron of Moscow. 

Schedule and prices for a tour of Zamoskvorechye.
 Duration of the tour   2 hours
  2 hours    1,5 hours
 Number of people   1-5 people   6-20 people up to 20 schoolchildren  
 The cost of the tour   6 000 rubles   6 600 rubles   6 000 rubles
 Guide ticket   free   free   free
 Adult ticket   free   free   free
 Ticket for students and pensioners   free   free   free
 Ticket for child/school student (under 16)   free   free   free


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