Individual tours of Moscow in Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Greek, Finnish and other languages.

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English has long acquired international status, and we offer you guided tours of Moscow in English from professional guides.

 Surprisingly, the special status of this language in the world and its international character can be seen right on Red Square, with which many begin their journey around Moscow.

Up until the 17th century, the towers of the Moscow Kremlin were a typical fortress characteristic of the Middle Ages. So well-known in the world chimes on the Saviour Tower of the Kremlin appeared in the era of the reign of Mikhail Romanov. It was at this time that the Scottish specialist H. Galovei was involved in their creation. Later, in the 19th century, the chimes in their present form were modernized, but this does not detract from the significance and influence of European specialists in creating the image of Moscow.

So, for example, the Metropol hotel, which is rightfully recognized as one of the largest modernist buildings, was built on the basis of the project of the architect from Great Britain V. Walcota. And there are a lot of such examples in Moscow.

We offer you the best excursions in English for foreigners, which cover a large range of cultural attractions of the capital.

Going on a tour of Moscow, you not only learn a lot of new and interesting, but also feel how much in common between different cultures and peoples.

We can choose from various options of excursions in Moscow in English, depending on the time of your stay in the capital, interests and personal preferences.

Under the guidance of an experienced guide, you can fully concentrate on the most beautiful parts of Moscow, see as much as possible, for how long you would not come to the city, and get a lot of vivid impressions.



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