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экскурсия по москве на французском языке

The significance of French culture for Moscow is paradoxical. It was the French army that in 1812 burned the capital of Russia, and then the specialists of this country participated in the implementation of very many projects and the reconstruction of the city’s appearance.

The decree of Empress Catherine II in Russia initiated work on drawing up master plans for urban development. And the French architect N. Legrand was involved in this work in Moscow. Actually it was very natural, because in the XVIII century, most of Moscow spoke fluently in the French language.

This is what A.S. Griboedov, when he wrote about one very famous street in Moscow, the following lines: "And all Kuznetsky Most, and the eternal French, from there fashion to us, and authors, and muses ...".

Therefore, even today, excursions around Moscow in French are very relevant, which we bring to your attention. To go around all the sights in Moscow is simply impossible, they are almost at every step. However, without the help of experienced guides to solve the problem as much as possible to learn about the capital of Russia is very difficult.

Specialists, professionally conducting tours of Moscow in French, will hold on the best nooks of the city, tell you about its history and answer your questions.

Book a city tour in French and enjoy beautiful views of the historical part of Moscow and its main streets while listening to melodic French.


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