Individual tours of Moscow in Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Greek, Finnish and other languages.

If you decide to visit the capital of Russia and speak German, we are pleased to inform you that by ordering a tour of Moscow in German you have a unique opportunity to plunge into the German atmosphere with Russian flavor.

Not everyone knows, but in Moscow there are a lot of “German” places that have acquired a special look, taking into account the specifics and peculiarities of the Russian culture.

The estates of the companions of the Russian kings and emperors of German origin have survived to this day. For example, Lefortovo, which got its name from the name of a friend of Peter I, was once the place where foreigners settled.

Foreigners came to our country and left many wonderful cultural objects on Russian soil. Thus, by the German architect F. Shekhtel  in many fundamental terms was determined  the appearance of the center of Moscow. Indeed, according to his projects several dozens of various architectural monuments were built.

If your native language is German or you mostly speak this language, then it is better to book a tour of Moscow in German. This is how you completely immerse yourself in the Moscow atmosphere, and a language so familiar to you will help you learn a lot of interesting things.

We have various options for city tours in German, whose programs cover many interesting tourist destinations. It remains only to choose what to give preference and go on a tour of Moscow.


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